Resources Reminder: Tools to Support WI CCC Plan Implementation

Don’t forget about the useful tools the WI CCC Program develops to support partners and WI Cancer Council members in their efforts to implement the WI CCC Plan. Resources can be found under the “Resources” tab in the top menu on every page of our website. Resources include: 

Issue Briefs: Issue Briefs are a 3-4 page paper on a topic of interest within the scope of the Wisconsin Comprehensive Cancer Control Program.

Infographics: Infographics are graphic representations of information or data designed to depict complex information easily. The WI CCC Program creates infographics to illustrate cancer burden, prevention and detection strategies for the WI Cancer Council members to share with their partners and decision makers.

Fact Sheets & Maps: These fact sheets and maps were designed to support action in addressing specific cancer control topics and local cancer control concerns.

Your Role in Cancer Control: With the new tool, you can select what organization or individual you align closest with and it will generate a list of action steps identified as ways you can specifically implement the WI CCC Plan.

WI CCC Plan Resources: The interactive, online WI CCC Plan was designed to provide resources specific to each Priority and Strategy to support implementation. These resources can be found to the right of every WI CCC Plan Priority page. Resources are categorized by Strategy. 

Screening Guidelines: Guidelines on cancer screening change over time as results of screening trials, advance in technology, and changes in morbidity and mortality rates are noted. While the WI CCC Plan does not endorse any one group’s guidelines unless consensus is achieved, you can access all of these reputable recommendations on our Screening Guidelines page. Visit the WI Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan’s Priority 7: Increase use of recommended cancer screenings to learn more.

Commission on Cancer Accreditation: Many of the WI CCC Plan’s Priorities, Strategies and Action Steps can be implemented by achieving the Commission on Cancer’s Accreditation. For more information, we link to information regarding the Commission on Cancer’s Accreditation and a list of WI’s accredited cancer programs on our website

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