Infographic Series

Infographics are graphic representations of information or data designed to depict complex information easily. The WI Comprehensive Cancer Control Program created a series of infographics to illustrate cancer burden, prevention and detection strategies for the WI Cancer Council members to share with their partners and decision makers.

Select an infographic from the slideshow below to access the PDF file for download or click on the links below the slideshow.

Oral Cancer: Reducing the Burden in Wisconsin

Addressing High-Risk Drinking to Reduce Cancer Burden in Wisconsin -- Also available in Spanish

Improving End-of-Life Care for Cancer Patients: Promoting Advance Care Planning

Increasing Physical Activity in Wisconsin to Reduce Cancer

Addressing Obesity to Reduce Cancer in Wisconsin

Lung Cancer: Wisconsin's Leading Cause of Cancer Deaths -- Also available in Spanish

Colorectal Cancer: 2nd Most Common Cancer in Wisconsin -- Also available in Spanish

Breast Cancer: #1 Cancer in Wisconsin Women

Protecting Wisconsin Youth from HPV-related Cancers

Melanoma: The Most Dangerous Form of Skin Cancer

Cancer: WI Leading Cause of Death -- Also available in Spanish