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Palliative Care: Improving the Quality of Life of All Wisconsin Cancer Patients

January 2019 (updated edition; orig. published November 2017)

The Increasing Burden of Liver Cancer in Wisconsin

August 2018

Oral Cancer Trends in Wisconsin, 1995-2014

September 2017

The Cost of Cancer: Policy and Programmatic Considerations

May 2017

Physical Activity's Connection to Cancer: Policy & System Opportunities to Reduce Cancer in Wisconsin

September 2015

The Decline in Smoking in Wisconsin: 50 Years of Progress and Emerging New Challenges

September 2014

Lung Cancer Risk and Radon in Wisconsin: The Need for Increased Testing and Improved Reporting

January 2015

Trends in Cancer Incidence and Mortality Rates in Wisconsin, 1995-2010

December 2014

Ultraviolet Radiation and Wisconsin: Opportunities to Reduce Wisconsin Youth Exposure

March 2015

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Related Cancers and Vaccination Coverage in Wisconsin

June 2014

Colorectal Cancer Screening Rates in Wisconsin

March 2014

Equal Access to Oral Cancer Treatments for Wisconsin Cancer Patients

February 2014

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