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August 2023

In 2021, the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) surveyed cancer survivors in Wisconsin about their survivorship experiences. This data brief summarizes the BRFSS findings and identifies opportunities to improve future surveys.

The Availability of Colorectal Cancer Screening with Colonoscopy in Wisconsin

June 2023

This report provides a detailed breakdown of availability of colonoscopy services in Wisconsin, including several maps. Findings indicate there are not enough facilities to screen eligible Wisconsinites through colonoscopy alone and identify other potential gap areas.

Breast Cancer Disparities Between Black and White Women in Wisconsin

October 2022

This report explores the significant breast cancer disparities that persist between Black and White women in Wisconsin, with a spotlight on southeastern Wisconsin. This report was created in coordination with the Leadership Team and Data Committee of the Reducing Breast Cancer Disparities Project.

Cancer Survival Report: Wisconsin Cancer Relative Survival Ratios, 2011-2017

July 2022

This newly updated survival report provides a detailed breakdown of cancer survival in our state. Highlighted trends can help identify areas for improvement in prevention, screening, and early detection of different types of cancers.

Local Health Departments Can Deliver HPV and other Age Appropriate Vaccines in Schools but Lack a Sustainable Funding Model

July 2023

This paper provide a breakdown of local health department vaccine provision at school-located vaccination clinics in 2017 and 2018, before and after funding constraints limited vaccine availability.

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