A blueprint for action

Welcome to the Wisconsin Cancer Plan 2020-2030. Working together, we can reduce the burden of cancer in our communities by using the Wisconsin Cancer Plan 2020-2030 as our blueprint for action.

A shared vision for all who work in cancer control.

The Wisconsin Cancer Plan 2020-2030 is designed to serve:

  • Health system leaders
  • Public health advocates
  • Policy makers
  • Researchers
  • Any Wisconsinite working to prevent cancer and improve health outcomes

Proven tools to expand your impact.

Make the most effective impact on the cancer burden in your community. Use the Wisconsin Cancer Plan 2020-2030 for:

  • Best practices
  • Reliable data
  • Concrete action steps
  • Evaluation and progress measures
  • Related resources to support and expand your impact.

Expert guidance across the cancer care continuum.

The Wisconsin Cancer Plan 2020-2030 was designed by experts to offer strategic guidance in:

  • Health equity
  • Risk reduction and prevention
  • Screening and early detection
  • Treatment
  • Survivorship
  • End of life
  • Access to quality data

Our vision: A healthier Wisconsin by reducing the burden of cancer for everyone.

Everyone in Wisconsin deserves the chance to live life to the fullest. The Wisconsin Cancer Plan 2020-2030 help make that happen through comprehensive approach that is grounded in policy, systems, and environmental change.


What is Policy, Systems, and Environmental Change?

Healthy behaviors never happen in a vacuum.

The choices we make that affect our health are shaped by the policies that govern our communities; organizations (or “systems”) such as schools and clinics; and the physical and social environment in which we live.

For example:

  • A teen is less likely to smoke when his community enacts laws to limit youth tobacco access.
  • A parent is more likely to vaccinate their child to prevent HPV infection when a medical provider recommends the vaccine, and the medical provider is more likely to recommend a vaccine when a reminder system is in place.
  • A family is more likely to get the exercise they need when their neighborhood includes safe sidewalks and parks.

These behaviors—and many more—reduce our risk of cancer and improve our health.

When we improve policies, systems, and environments, we can create lasting health improvements for everyone.

The Wisconsin Cancer Plan 2020-2030 is dedicated to cancer survivors, caregivers, and everyone in Wisconsin whose lives have been touched by cancer.

Help us reduce the burden of cancer.