Healthy Hospitals & Clinics Project Updates

WI Healthy Hospitals & Clinics, a project of the WI Comprehensive Cancer Control Program, promotes strategies within WI hospitals & clinics that will increase healthy, active lifestyles, Priority 2 in the WI CCC Plan 2015-2020 and is part of the WI Cancer Council Policy Priorities. The WI Healthy Hospitals & Clinics project encompasses the Farm to Hospital Community of Practice, the WI Healthy Hospitals Community of Practice, and the WI Healthy Hospitals & Clinics Forum.  For questions regarding this work, please contact Michelle Moreau, Outreach Coordinator.

Success Story: UW Health CEO videos

As a part of the Healthy Hospital Community of Practice, UW Health, a participating facility, released a series of videos highlighting the system’s transition to offer healthier food and beverage options. Former UW Health CEO Jeffrey Grossman, MD, said the move toward healthy food and beverage options has been worth the effort because in a health care system, the return on investment is improved health.

You can watch the videos here. If your organization is part of the Healthy Hospital & Clinics project and is interested in creating a CEO video, contact Michelle Moreau at [email protected].

Save the Date, Healthy Hospital Forum

Interested in learning more? The 2016 Healthy Hospital Forum will be held on Friday, September 30, 2016 in Madison, WI. Additional information will be coming soon!