Action Plans


The WI Cancer Council has embarked on four Action Plans designed to accelerate progress in four areas of greatest need in the WI Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan:

  • Raising Awareness of the Alcohol-Cancer Connection - learn more
  • Increasing HPV Vaccination Rates - learn more
  • Improving Cancer Screening Rates - learn more
  • Increasing Access to Quality Cancer Care & Services - more details coming soon


Together with our members, we are working toward the following:

Alcohol & Cancer: Alcohol use increases the risk for at least seven types of cancer and contributes to 3.5% of all cancer deaths in the US. Wisconsin has the 3rd highest rate of heavy drinking and binge drinking in the nation. Yet a recent study shows only 30% of people know that alcohol can cause cancer. The goal of this Action Plan is to raise awareness across Wisconsin about the connection between alcohol use and cancer risk. 

HPV Vaccination Rates: HPV is a common virus that causes at least six types of cancer in both women and men. The HPV vaccine dramatically reduces cancer risk — yet the vaccination rate among Wisconsin youth is alarmingly low. The goal of this Action Plan is to increase the HPV vaccination rate among adolescent girls and boys across Wisconsin.

Cancer Screening Rates: Cancer is the leading cause of death in Wisconsin. Cancer screenings can detect cancer at earlier stages and save lives. Sadly, many Wisconsinites experience barriers to early detection tools, resulting in increased cancer mortality. In addition, while lung cancer is Wisconsin’s leading cause of cancer deaths, screening for lung cancer is an underutilized tool in many communities. The goals of this two-part Action Plan are to reduce disparities in access to cancer screening, and to improve awareness of lung cancer screening.


  • Drink less to lower your risk for cancer.
  • The HPV vaccine is cancer prevention, for girls and for boys.
  • Cancer screenings save lives.


October 2017: General membership comes together in an all-member webinar to help determine where the Council's work was needed most.

November 2017: The Steering Committee finalizes the four Action Plan areas:

  1. Increase awareness of the connection between alcohol use and cancer risk
  2. Increase HPV vaccine completion
  3. Increase the use of recommended cancer screenings
  4. Increase providers' use of standards of care for cancer treatment and symptom management

December 2017-January 2018: Program staff and Steering Committee members develop draft Action Plans.

January 24-25, 2018: General membership reviews draft Action Plans and provides feedback, in a four-part webinar series.

April 2018: General membership gathers for Regional Meetings and further explores ways to participate in Action Plans.


Watch our newsletter ENGAGE and our Facebook page for announcements. And click on the "learn more" options at the top of this page to learn about each Action Plan and how to get involved.

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