Alcohol and Cancer: What Do You Want to Know?

Your questions answered in a new member FAQ tool

“Alcohol causes cancer.” This startling fact has been in the news since the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) released its groundbreaking policy statement early last month.

When it comes to alcohol and cancer, what do you want to know? What burning questions would you like to ask? Tell us – we’re compiling a helpful FAQ tool for members, and we want to make sure we answer your questions.

For example:

Q: How much alcohol do I need to drink to raise my risk for cancer?

A:  Any amount of alcohol – even low levels of drinking – can increase your risk for cancer. But the more you drink, and the longer you drink, the higher your risk. This is especially true for cancers of the head and neck.

Q: Does the type of alcohol I drink matter? 

A: No. The type of alcohol you drink – wine, beer, or liquor – does not matter when it comes to cancer risk.

Q: But red wine is good for my heart, right?

A:  Some past studies have shown a relationship between drinking red wine and decreased heart disease risk. However, researchers believe this relationship most likely has been overstated. For example, it’s possible the connection can be explained by other lifestyle factors, such as increased physical activity. In fact, the American Heart Association does not recommend drinking red wine or any other form of alcohol to gain these benefits. And heavy drinking can actually damage your heart!

So tell us… Alcohol and cancer – what do you want to know?

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