New Policy Pages Added to WI Cancer Council Website

As part of the overall WI Cancer Council revitalization process, the WI Comprehensive Cancer Control Program has been developing ways to leverage the new WI Cancer Council webpage to better engage WI Cancer Council members in efforts to implement the WI Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan. This began with the unveiling of the detailed Member Directory earlier this year, and continues today with the launch of new pages to support the WI Cancer Council Policy Agenda and the work of the WI Cancer Council Policy Committee.

Each of these pages contains a description of one of the five policy goals outlined in the agenda and will be updated regularly with policy news and resources related to each goal. Check out the Policy Agenda here and click on the goal you are interested in to view the page and learn more about that topic.

For questions about these pages or the WI Cancer Council Policy Agenda, please contact Courtney Harris, Policy Coordinator at

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