New FAQ: Alcohol and Cancer

Did you know Wisconsin ranks 3rd in the nation for heavy drinking and binge drinking among adults?  Most of us know heavy drinking isn’t great for our health — but what many people do not know is that alcohol use can cause cancer.   Today, we are excited to release our latest tool, the Alcohol & Cancer FAQ, designed to help WI Cancer Council members raise awareness about this critical connection.  

>> See the Alcohol & Cancer FAQ here  

We asked for your questions related to alcohol and cancer risk. And now we’ve answered.  The Alcohol & Cancer FAQ answers 10 common questions such as, “How much do I need to drink to raise my cancer risk?” and “Does the type of alcohol I drink matter?” As a downloadable PDF, this resource is perfect for sharing with patients, community members, and other constituencies. In the coming months, we’ll be customizing the FAQ to meet the needs of specific populations.  

“More people are learning about the connection between alcohol and cancer risk,” said Courtney Harris, policy coordinator for the WI Comprehensive Cancer Control Program. “As awareness grows, the potential for pushback grows, too.”  

Wisconsin’s alcohol-friendly culture can obscure the fact that alcohol use can cause at least seven kinds of cancer. And organized attempts by the alcohol industry can misrepresent or confuse the clear scientific evidence that alcohol use increases cancer risk.   To address this pushback, the Alcohol & Cancer FAQ arms WI Cancer Council members with straightforward answers to frequently asked questions that may arise in your communities. 

The Alcohol & Cancer FAQ is the first resource developed explicitly for the WI Cancer Council’s Alcohol and Cancer Risk Action Plan. This issue has long been monitored by the WI Cancer Council’s Policy Committee, and the new FAQ builds upon excellent resources already available – such as the WI Cancer Council’s Alcohol Infographic and the groundbreaking ASCO Alcohol Statement released late last year.  

>> Bottom line Alcohol causes cancer. Our latest FAQ helps you address common questions and misconceptions about alcohol and cancer. Use this tool with patients, community members, friends, and family members, as you work to raise awareness about the connection between alcohol use and cancer.