Celebrate National Cancer Prevention Month

Throughout February, we invite you to raise awareness about cancer risk reduction during National Cancer Prevention Month, World Cancer Day (Feb. 4), International Childhood Cancer Day (Feb. 15), and Rare Disease Day (Feb. 28).

An estimated 84 Wisconsinites are diagnosed with cancer each day, and cancer is our state’s leading cause of death. We can reduce cancer risk by improving access to cancer screenings and vaccinations, annual check-ups, and health behaviors such as exercise, tobacco cessation, and limiting alcohol use.

Educating the public on cancer risk reduction strategies is an essential way to counter some of the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, since the pandemic began, routine cancer screening rates have declined, alcohol consumption has increased, and physical activity has decreased across various populations.

You can help raise awareness this month with the resources below (or find other tools in our searchable Online Resource Center).

Cancer risk reduction resources: