WI CCC Plan Updates

WI CCC Plan Updated Measures Three measures in the WI CCC Plan, a common framework for action in cancer prevention and control, have been updated to reflect recent changes. WI CCC Plan Priorities with updated measures include:

Measures are used to monitor and evaluate change in each priority area. View each measure here.   New WI CCC Plan Resource Added Online We’ve added a new resource to the online WI CCC Plan “Resource” section. Know the Risks offers tools for educating youth and young adults on the risks of e-cigarettes.   You can access resources for specific Priorities and Strategies when viewing the WI CCC Plan 2015-2020 online. Select the Priority you wish to explore and scroll to the bottom right of your screen. Under “resources to take action” click on the Strategy to find resources to support your implementation activities.

Know the Risks: This resource can be found when referencing Priority 1, Strategy A.