Welcoming New Faces

A special challenge for WI Cancer Council members

Think back: How did you first hear about the WI Cancer Council? Who invited you to learn more? What about the Cancer Council inspired you to get involved?

As we begin to embark on our first-ever set of Action Plans – designed to accelerate progress in areas of greatest need – we want to make sure all voices are represented. The WI Cancer Council is a diverse coalition, but we know we’re missing people who should be at the table.

So, we have a challenge for you. As a member of the WI Cancer Council, you already know what makes the Council great. Can you help us widen our circle?

The Regional Meetings next month are the perfect chance to introduce new faces to the resources and opportunities available through the WI Cancer Council. We want to show potential new members what we have to offer, how we can help, what’s in it for them.

Here’s our challenge for you: Think about the people you know across your organization and your community. Who do you know who would benefit from the networking, best practices, and resources we provide?

We’re asking you to do two things:

  1. Personally invite at least one friend or colleague to attend the Regional Meetings with you. You can use the sample email invitation included in our  Promotional Toolkit.
  2. Promote the Regional Meetings within your organization. You can use the sample newsletter blurb included in our Promotional Toolkit, and/or this printable flyer.


3: Post about the Regional Meetings to social media. This save-the-date graphic makes it simple!