We have a new name!

Welcome to the Wisconsin Cancer Collaborative! After months of research and development, we are proud and excited to announce the unveiling of our new name and brand identity. You’ll now know us as the Wisconsin Cancer Collaborative–a name that clearly communicates our mission of helping people and organizations work together to reduce the burden of cancer for everyone in Wisconsin.


Why did we change our name?

Since 2002, the Wisconsin Comprehensive Cancer Control Program has staffed and facilitated the Wisconsin Cancer Council—a statewide coalition of member organizations working together to improve cancer health outcomes for patients, families, and communities.

Our work is crucial. But our name was confusing. As both the WI CCC Program and the WI Cancer Council, we were two separate entities working toward the same important goals.

In early 2019, our staff and Steering Committee began the process of identifying a single name that could capture the work of the Program and the Council. In interviews and surveys throughout this effort, key themes quickly emerged—in words like collaborate, engage, convene, and work together.

Our new name, the Wisconsin Cancer Collaborative, captures these essential qualities. Our members have long relied on our ability to bring a wide variety of people and perspectives to the table, where new ideas and new partnerships can blossom. The name Wisconsin Cancer Collaborative clearly communicates the value we bring and the impact we make.

Beginning March 1, 2020, our staff and our membership will proudly work together under a unified name—the Wisconsin Cancer Collaborative.

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Our name has changed, but our mission is the same. Our staff and members continue to work together to create a healthier Wisconsin by reducing the burden of cancer for everyone.

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