Upcoming Webinar Explores the Future of Cancer Care

How is cancer care changing as a result of COVID-19? Learn about the impacts of COVID-19 on cancer treatment, screening, and vaccine delivery, in our upcoming Member Networking Webinars:

June Webinar: COVID-19, Cancer Screenings, and Vaccines

June 11, 2020

10-11 am

As in-person medical appointments decline, how can we ensure patients are getting the cancer screenings and vaccines they need?
This webinar will examine current challenges and opportunities with cancer screening and vaccine delivery.

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May Webinar Recap: COVID-19 and Cancer Treatment

Thank you to the speakers and participants who joined today’s webinar!¬†Below are the presenter slides, recording, and related resources. We invite you to share these widely.

Presenter slides

Webinar recording

COVID-19 and Cancer resource page