October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an opportunity to educate people about breast cancer, the importance of early detection and access to timely, high-quality care.

According to the American Cancer Society, the breast cancer death rate among females peaked in 1989 and has since declined by 43% as of 2020, mainly because of earlier detection through screening mammography, as well as increased breast cancer awareness and improved treatment. This decrease translates to approximately 460,000 fewer breast cancer deaths during this time period than would have been expected in the absence of this progress. However, mortality rates in Black women remain about 40% higher than in White women, despite lower incidence.

Related Resources:

  • ABCD Breast Cancer Support matches survivors with a professionally-trained mentor/breast cancer survivor.
  • Wisconsin Breast Cancer Coalition brings passionate voices together to speak out on breast cancer through legislation, education and collaboration.
  • Susan G. Komen addresses breast cancer on multiple fronts, such as research, community health, global outreach and public policy initiatives.
  • American Cancer Society offers programs and services to help during and after cancer treatment.
  • Wisconsin Well Woman Program helps women who have little or no health insurance get screened for breast and cervical cancers.
  • Breast Cancer Recovery offers retreats to women at all stages of breast cancer so they can begin to heal emotionally

Learn More:

Read the Wisconsin Cancer Collaborative report on Breast Cancer Disparities between Black and White Women in Wisconsin.

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