New Fact Sheet Explores Reemergence of High-Risk Pools

A new fact sheet from the WI CCC Program explores the reemergence of high-risk pools for people with pre-existing conditions.

High-risk pools have become a popular proposal in the current health care reform debate. Wisconsin’s former program, the Health Insurance Risk-Sharing Plan (HIRSP), is being promoted as a national model.

The latest fact sheet, titled Revisiting Wisconsin’s Health Insurance Risk-Sharing Plan (HIRSP), poses important questions for advocates and policymakers considering how to reform the health insurance market.

For people living with cancer, do high-risk pools like HIRSP represent one step forward, or two steps back? Who was eligible for HIRSP, and how much did it cost? How might cancer patients be affected if a HIRSP-like program was to return?

Learn the answers to these questions and more by reading the full fact sheet: Revisiting Wisconsin’s Health Insurance Risk-Sharing Plan (HIRSP).