June 2016 ICYMI: In Case You Missed It

This article was highlighted in the New York Times, and pertains to cancer control efforts. In case you’ve missed it, we got you covered!

Cigarette Smoking by Adults Dropped in 2015, CDC Survey Says 

The CDC’s 2015 National Health Interview Survey, reported that the percentage of adults 18 years and older who are cigarette smokers had declined to 15.1% in 2015–that from 16.8% in 2014. The report, however, did not give further reasoning for the trend or discuss whether it could be due to a transition to e-cigarette devices from the traditional cigarette.

The Data was collected from interviews which asked Americans about their tobacco use, alcohol consumption, obesity, and health insurance coverage.

Professor of public health at the University of Michigan, Kenneth E Warner, said there is no certainty in why the use of cigarettes was continuing to decline, though it could be in response to the continued federal antismoking campaigns. He noted this downward trend is “very encouraging”.

Although cigarette use has continued to decline, the use of e-cigarette devices has risen, especially among the younger consumers. Smoking remains the leading cause of preventable death in the United States. With that in mind, earlier this month the FDA extended the authority of the Tobacco Control Act of 2009. An example of federal anti-smoking efforts.