New Resources Added to Website for WI CCC Plan Implementation

Two new resources have been added to the online WI CCC Plan resource section. You can access resources for specific Priorities and Strategies when viewing the WI CCC Plan 2015-2020 online. Select the Priority you wish to explore and scroll to the bottom right of your screen. Under “Resources to take action” click on a Strategy to find resources to support your implementation activities.

CDC TRAIN: Gynecologic Cancer Educational Modules for Health Care Professionals

This new resource can be found when referencing Priority 4: Increase HPV Vaccine Completion, Strategy C: Reduce missed clinical opportunities to recommend and administer the HPV vaccine.

ChangeLab Solutions’ Point of Sale Playbook

This new resource can be found when referencing Priority 1: Decrease tobacco use and exposure to tobacco, Strategy A: Prevent youth access to tobacco products.

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