Detailed Member Directory is Live – Join the WI Cancer Council to Access!

We are excited to announce that the detailed Member Directory is now live on the WI Cancer Council Website! Using the information collected as members join, WI Cancer Council members who are logged in on the website now have the ability to search for another member by name or by using filters. Through the detailed Member Directory WI Cancer Council members have a networking database at their fingertips 24/7! For more information on how to use the Member Directory and the variety of other resources offered to WI Cancer Council members, check out the Tools for Cancer Control Success: Tangible Resources for WI Cancer Council Members presentation or handout on our website.

How Do I Gain Access?

If you and your Lead Member Representative have completed the commitment process to join or renew your membership with the WI Cancer Council, you already have access to the detailed Member Directory! Check it out today by logging in on the WI Cancer Council’s homepage and selecting “Member Director” from the menu.

If you have not yet initiated or completed the join process, do so today in order to gain access to the detailed Member Directory and other exclusive members-only benefits! If you think you have already completed this process but do not have access, or have questions about where you are in the process, please contact us at [email protected]. Instructions on how to join can be found here.