"The Cost of Cancer" Issue Brief Released

The WI Comprehensive Cancer Control Program is pleased to release our latest issue brief, “The Cost of Cancer: Policy and Programmatic Considerations.”

In the United States, cancer is one of the most expensive conditions to treat. Almost half of all people with a cancer diagnosis say the cost of care creates a burden for their families. “The Cost of Cancer” includes an overview of how issues such as rising drug costs and high insurance out-of-pocket costs affect cancer patients and their families, and offers considerations for policy and programs related to health care access and affordability.

Increasing access to quality, affordable cancer care and services is a priority of the WI Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan 2015-2020 and the WI Cancer Council Policy Agenda. We encourage WI Cancer Council members and partners to share “The Cost of Cancer” with their networks as a resource to increase awareness of these issues and the significant implications for cancer survivors and families.

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