2016 WI Cancer Council Revitalization


During the WI Cancer Council Annual Meeting in October 2015, WI Comprehensive Cancer Control Program staff shared an overview of the WI Cancer Council Revitalization process, to take place throughout 2016. With the recent release of the WI CCC Plan 2015-2020, the WI CCC Program and WI Cancer Council believe now is the right time to better engage diverse partners to implement and promote a statewide comprehensive approach to cancer control. Objectives of the process include:

  • WI Cancer Council member re-engagement
  • Improve the resources, education, collaboration and advocacy opportunities offered to WI Cancer Council members for WI CCC Plan implementation
  • Enhance the WI Cancer Council structure to support member engagement and WI CCC Plan implementation

Leadership Team

To provide guidance in these efforts, the WI CCC Program has formed a Leadership Team of diverse partners to meet throughout 2016. A roster of confirmed Leadership Team members can be accessed here. The Leadership Team will be chaired by Dr. Patrick Conway, Radiation Oncologist with Gundersen Health System. We would like to thank all of the Leadership Team members for their willingness to guide the WI Cancer Council Revitalization. We look forward to updating all WI Cancer Council members and partners on their progress throughout 2016.

WI Cancer Council Members – What it Means for You

In the second half of 2016, Regional Meetings will take place throughout the state to showcase the revitalized WI Cancer Council and serve as a point of contact to initiate membership renewal. All WI Cancer Council members will be asked to renew and recommit their membership in the second half of 2016. In April of 2017, the WI Cancer Council will convene its renewed membership at an Annual Membership Meeting to provide training, resources and tools to implement the WI CCC Plan. The best way to remain updated is to read the monthly CCC Newsletter and regularly visit www.wicancer.org.


Please contact Sarah Kerch, Partnership Coordinator, if you have any questions regarding the WI Cancer Council Revitalization.