2024 Wisconsin Cancer Summit

Poster Networking Session

We invite you to share your great work through a poster displayed at the 2024 Wisconsin Cancer Summit. It’s an easy and free opportunity to network with colleagues and let others know about your successes.

What is the Poster Networking Session?
The Wisconsin Cancer Summit Poster Networking Session will give our Summit attendees time to learn more about the projects and programs happening in Wisconsin through posters on the walls of our conference room.

How does this Poster Networking Session work?
Organizations and community members will have the opportunity to stand next to their posters and talk about the projects they have been working on during the Poster Networking Session. During the poster session, conference attendees can wander around to browse the posters. The poster presenters are expected to stay near their poster for the duration of the session so that other participants can come and listen to them talk about their work and ask them questions.

What kind of information will be included on the posters?
Each poster will include the following information:

Organization Name
Program/Project Background
Program/Project Overview
Program/Project Activities
Program/Project Goals
Program/Project Partners

Would you like to participate in the Poster Networking Session?
If you or someone from your organization would like to participate in the Poster Networking Session, please review the information below.

  • You or your organization will be responsible for designing the poster
  • Posters will need to be 36 inches wide by 40 inches tall, or 36 inches wide by 43 inches tall, you may choose which size depending on printing needs or the amount of space for information on your poster
  • You can print your own poster or we can print your poster for you (If you print your own, we just ask that the pictures and text are clear to read)
  • The Poster Networking Session will occur from 11:15 a.m.- noon on Thursday, September 26th - someone from your organization will need to be present during that time to stand next to your poster

To confirm your spot in the Poster Networking Session please fill out this form.
DEADLINE to register: August 12th