Networking Webinar Series

Announcing a monthly networking webinar series from the WI Cancer Council. Network with fellow members without leaving your desk!

Join us the second Thursday of every month, from 10-11 am Central Time. Connect with other members, learn about a new approach to cancer control, ask a burning question, share your knowledge and unique point of view.

Think of this as a virtual coffee klatch — you bring the coffee, we’ll spark the conversation.


FEB. 14, 2019

All-Member Networking Webinar

“Driven by Data: The WI CCC Program’s Mid-Plan Follow-up.” Join staff from the WI Comprehensive Cancer Control Program, as we explore updated Cancer Plan data, and introduce the new County Fact Sheets.

Watch for more details in January’s issue of ENGAGE!

Want to suggest a webinar topic? Email Michelle Moreau!


JAN. 10, 2019

All-Member Networking Webinar

Milwaukee’s Specialty Access for the Uninsured Program (SAUP), which replaced a fragmented care delivery system to improve specialty care for uninsured patients. How can SAUP offer a model for your community.

DEC. 11, 2018

Cancer Screening Disparities Networking Webinar

Connect with WI Cancer Council members working to address cancer screening disparities across our state.
Recipients of the WI Cancer Council’s Implementation Grant Awards, a special program designed to support innovative projects that decrease screening disparities in communities across WI.