About Us

The Wisconsin School Wellness Learning Collaborative began with a vision that schools could create healthier environments for their students and staff if they involved the community and worked together with other schools.  The Learning Collaborative has created opportunities for schools to learn from state and national experts in school wellness and to also learn from each other.  Through project evaluations, we discovered that the networking opportunities between schools was one of the key components of success.

And success, we found.  Through a partnership with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, all participating schools received training on the Healthy Schools Assessment tool and completed an inventory to help them identify the strengths and opportunities for improvement at their school.  They have access to a wealth of resources and each other.  A few of the successes include creating healthier birthday celebrations with the use of a “birthday cart,”  starting the day by including health information with the morning news and keeping the kids moving throughout the day by jammin’ for a just a minute (JAM).  See “WI Success Stories” page for more information about these awesome intiatives.

The collaborative is continuing to grow with a continuation for the original schools and a new pilot to explore regional coordination through the CESA’s (Cooperative Educational Service Agency).  Stay tuned for more information!

Thank you to our partners for making this exciting work possible!

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