New: American Indian Cancer Data

Cancer data from WCRS can inform health equity efforts In response to requests from tribal health directors and others, the Wisconsin Cancer Reporting System has released new cancer incidence and mortality statistics for American Indian/Alaska Native residents in Wisconsin.   Some key points: Overall, AI/AN men and women are 1.8 times as likely to die of lung cancer… Read more »

Reducing Barriers to Screening

Member Spotlight: Clinic ‘champions’ increase screening rates for colorectal cancer  For more than 35 years, a bustling health clinic in south-central Madison has served a diverse and under-insured community. In 2016, clinic staff identified a gap: too many patients at risk for colorectal cancer weren’t getting screened. The Joyce & Marshall Erdman Clinic is part… Read more »

Colorectal Cancer at a Glance

Screening is essential for WI’s second-leading cancer type It’s a fact that cancer screening saves lives. For  colorectal cancer , screening catches polyps before they turn into cancer, and identifies cancer in its early stages before symptoms arise. Alarmingly, 25% of Wisconsinites age 50-75 aren’t getting the recommended colorectal cancer screening. >> Here’s what you… Read more »