Fact Sheets, Maps, and Other Resources

The WI Comprehensive Cancer Control Program works to provide information and resources helpful in implementing the WI Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan. Please check back for updates and new resources.

Fact Sheets

2019 WI Cancer Profile - STATEWIDE - A snapshot of cancer in Wisconsin. This simple resource provides a data-packed overview of statewide cancer statistics, risk factors, and how Wisconsin ranks among other US states.

2019 WI Cancer Profiles - COUNTY LEVEL - County-level cancer data for every county in Wisconsin. Get a quick-look at cancer outcomes, risk factors, demographic data, and select social determinants of health for your county, and see how your county compares to the state. These easy-to-read PDFs can be downloaded, shared, and used to increase awareness about the impact of cancer in your community.

How-To Sheets - These patient handouts were designed for readers who may have financial, educational, and/or language barriers. Created in partnership with Covering Wisconsin, the handouts currently available cover cancer prevention, lung cancer screening, and colon cancer screening (available in English and Spanish).

HPV Fact Sheet - HPV can cause six types of cancer -- almost 600 cases in Wisconsin every year. This fact sheet offers a helpful snapshot of HPV in Wisconsin and the action steps you can take to make a difference.

Alcohol & Cancer FAQ - This resource is designed to help raise awareness of the connection between alcohol use and cancer risk. The FAQ answers 10 common questions about this connection, such as "How much do I need to drink to raise my cancer risk?" and "Does the type of alcohol I drink matter?"

Revisiting Wisconsin’s Health Insurance Risk-Sharing Plan (HIRSP) - This fact sheet explores the reemergence of high-risk pools for people with pre-existing conditions and offers critical questions for policymakers and advocates. For people living with cancer, do high-risk pools represent one step forward, or two steps back?


To create your cancer data maps, tables, and graphs visit the Wisconsin Cancer Registry System's mapping resource.

Other Resources

Colon Cancer Screening: Communications Toolkit - Raise awareness about the importance of colorectal cancer screening with these helpful tools, including social media messages that have been focus group-tested, downloadable graphics, and a customizable poster.

Alcohol & Cancer Slide Bank - Use this bank of Powerpoint slides to raise awareness about the alcohol-cancer connection in your community and when presenting to key stakeholders. These slides and their accompanying talking points can be downloaded and tailored to fit your needs.