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Sauk County Health Department

Organization Description

The Sauk County Health Department Administration and Supervision (WI State Statute Chapters 250 & 251, DHS 140) Wisconsin local public health departments (LPHD) function under “home rule” law in this decentralized state. LPHD’s are required to enforce state public health statutes or rules in their jurisdiction. Public health employees, specifically the health officer, public health nurses (DHS139) and sanitarians, require specific qualifications, duties and registration prescribed in state statutes. LPHD’s are required to meet specific levels of service and perform specific duties. Sauk County is a Level II health department and has 4 major programs, Public Health Nursing, Environmental Health, WIC, and Public Health Preparedness.

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Name: Cindy Bodendein
Title/Position: Director
Contact Information: View Cindy's Profile