Alcohol & Cancer Slide Bank

We invite you to use this bank of Powerpoint slides as a tool for raising awareness about the alcohol-cancer connection in your community and when presenting to key stakeholders. These slides can be downloaded for free and can be tailored to fit your needs – add your own organization or coalition’s branding, modify the content to make it applicable to your audience, or pull from the deck to create your own slides.

Suggested talking points are included in the Slide Bank, but can be tailored as-needed.

Note: Some slides may be more applicable to your audience than others, and multiple slides may contain similar content intended for different audiences. Just choose the slides you want to use!

Download the Slide Deck

Last Updated: 10/8/18

How to use:

  1. Click on the button above to download the set of Powerpoint slides.
  2. Scroll through the slides and choose which slides meet your needs.
  3. Copy and insert them into your Powerpoint presentation.
  4. Modify the slides, as needed: Add your logo or template design; add language relevant to your community.

If you have questions about the slides or how to use them, please contact Amy Johnson, Policy Coordinator, at [email protected].


Visit the Alcohol and Cancer Action Plan page for additional tools and ways to get involved.

Interested in additional slides on how communities can improve the alcohol environment through local policy change? Check out the WI Alcohol Policy Project.