Meet the Grantee: Agnesian HealthCare

Agnesian HealthCare: "Fruit and Vegetable Rx Program"

Grantee: Agnesian HealthCare, a 2015 CCC Implementation Grantee, provides medical care to patients, bringing “Hope, health & wellness” to all.

Project: The “Fruit and Vegetable Rx Program” was designed to educate newly diagnosed cancer patients about healthy lifestyles, and support them in reducing any barriers they may face.

Goal: This project aimed to develop a care plan for newly diagnosed cancer patients, and foster a healthy lifestyle.

Results: Over a 6-month period, the average BMI among participants decreased from 38.62 to 38.37 and fruit and vegetable consumption increased from 4.2 per day to 5.4.

What’s Next: Towards the end of the grant period, the program was able to work with the local YMCA’s LIVESTRONG program to offer exercise and more community support services to participants.

For more information about the “Fruit and Vegetable Rx Program”, contact Heather Bowen at [email protected].