In the early 1980’s, the Wisconsin Cancer Council was founded by Dr. Paul P. Carbone, then Director of the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center, and Mr. Gerald Doelle, Executive Vice President of the American Cancer Society-Wisconsin Division, in an effort to establish a statewide approach to coordinate cancer control efforts.

In September 2002, Wisconsin's Department of Health Services was awarded a comprehensive cancer control (CCC) planning grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. With this grant, a unique partnership model between UW Carbone Cancer Center and the Wisconsin Division of Public Health was born to move comprehensive cancer control forward throughout Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Cancer Council’s diverse partners from all over the state came together in 2003-2004 to develop the state's cancer prevention and control program, the WI CCC Program, and the first WI CCC Plan 2005-2010.

Today, the WI CCC Program continues to serve as the state's cancer prevention and control program that promotes the implementation of the WI CCC Plan. The WI CCC Program serves as the facilitator for the Wisconsin Cancer Council and coordinates the development of the WI CCC Plan. As a member of the Wisconsin Cancer Council, the WI CCC Program shares in the implementation and promotion of the WI CCC Plan with its fellow Wisconsin Cancer Council members. The Wisconsin Cancer Council, continues to serve as the partnership arm of the WI CCC Program, engaging diverse public, private and community partners to develop, implement and promote a statewide comprehensive approach to cancer control.