WI Cancer Incidence & Mortality Rates & 2020 Goals

During development of the Wisconsin Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan 2015-2020, the most recent data available for cancer incidence and mortality rates were 2011 data. Rather than project incidence and mortality rates out to 2020, it was decided to project 5 years to 2016 as those data will likely be the most recent available at the end of the 2020 plan. To set targets, trend lines were estimated using 1995-2011 data from the Wisconsin Cancer Reporting System. Trends were estimated separately for each cancer site and for all sites total for both incidence and mortality. The trend line was projected from 2011 to the estimated 2016 data point to determine the target. For incidence targets for all sites and for prostate cancer, data for 2001-2011 were used to estimate trends and project the 2016 data point. For melanoma incidence, the target was set equal to the 2011 rate; melanoma incidence rates have increased steadily over the time period and it was determined that remaining at the 2011 rate would be an improvement.

Incidence & Mortality capture

Measures' Baseline Years and Data Sources